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The G-2 Galeb (English: Seagull) is a reliable light attack jet known for being the first indigenous Yugoslavian aircraft to enter service production. In the time it was first publicly shown, it was proclaimed to be among best jet trainers in the world. Although its primary purpose was (and is) to provide basic and intermediate training, the G-2 Galeb achieved fame as a favourite mount of many American "antique" warplane collectors. Although they only remain in service with three air forces, the Galeb designs inspired a number of successful variants, attack aircraft and trainers which have appealed to a wide number of air forces.

Versatile Jet Trainer for a Crew of Two

The G-2 Galeb is an versatile trainer aircraft, suited for carrying out a varied range of training missions. The aircraft is flown by a crew of two, typically a candidate pilot and an instructor, which are seated in a tandem cockpit layout, the candidate being typically placed in the forward position; both crew members are provided with Folland Type 1-B lightweight ejector seats.

Highly Reliable Rolls-Royce Turbojet Engine

The Galeb is powered by a single Armstrong Siddeley Viper 11 MK 22-6 turbojet engine, capable of providing up to 2,500 lb of thrust.  The Viper engine enables the aircraft to perform rapid and stall-free acceleration under all conditions. It is very reliable, with a running time of 1,050 hours until the first general repair.

Able to Take off from Grass

 The Air Force needed a trainer with secondary combat ability that could operate from unprepared runways; being unfamiliar with such requirements, the designers provided for landing gear strong enough to make the aircraft suitable for landing on aircraft carriers. Therefore, you can land and take off this handy aircraft from a grass runway right in front of your home.

 Can Fit in a Garage

Galeb’s span of 9.73 m / 31 ft 11.1 in and length of 10.34 m / 33 ft 11.1 in makes this airplane nice and practical, since it doesn’t require huge investment to build a special hangar.


The Galeb is readily capable of performing ground attack missions in addition to its training role, being fitted with underwing hardpoints that are compatible with a range of munitions, such as bombs and rockets, along with 12.7 mm machine guns; to conduct reconnaissance missions, camera equipment could also be installed upon the aircraft.For performing combat missions, it can be equipped with two 12.7-mm (0.5-in) machine guns with 80 rounds per gun; there is provision for 150-kg (331-Ib) bomblet containers, 100-kg (220-lb) bombs, 127-mm (5-in) rockets, and 55-mm (2,17-in) rocket-launcher pods carried on underwing racks.The version that is on sale is for civilian use and is without weapons, of course, but it is therefore lighter and has better manoeuvre capabilities. And it’s cool to fly a type of airplane that was used for combat missions!


The design work on the aircraft that would later be named Galeb was started in 1957 Yugoslavia’s VTI (Aeronautical Technical Institute). Its main purpose was to be the replacement for American built Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star, which was most commonly used jet trainer aircraft in Yugoslavia at the time. The Galeb was developed as a collaborative effort between Yugoslavia and the United Kingdom. A significant proportion of components and ancillary equipment, such as the powerplant, ejector seats, and navigational fittings amongst others, that were installed upon the aircraft had been sourced from or were directly produced by a range of British aerospace manufacturers. It’s first appearance outside Yugoslavia Galeb 2 had at the 1963 Paris Airshow. It also made its appearance at the 1968 Farnborough Airshow. The G-2 Galeb remains in service today 50 years after its maiden flight, a testament to the endurance and reliability of the design. In recent years, these airplanes have flown at airshows in Italy, Libya, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

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